Trying to understand the "Sticker" behavior, no options and nothing happens

I was excited to see the behavior called “Sticker” because I had an idea and need to have the function of sprites sticking to other sprites. But once I installed it, and added it to the sprite, nothing happened.
It has no options to adjust, and I can’t find documentation on it anywhere.

Anyone know how to use it?

Here it’s working fine

The project

Thanks Ulises, but I don’t understand. It looks like in the GIF they are already stuck together.

I need to have a sprite sitting there not stuck, and then stick to another sprite when they touch.

Also, if you don’t mind, can you explain how to make it work or tell me how to find instructions anywhere online? I couldn’t find them.

Well I guess that what you want can be done with Link two objects and then position the movable object to the desire parent sprite.

Like a player and a spear, when the player run or walk the spear is linked to then positioned to player.pointX(“Spear”),player.pointY(“Spear”),

but when player attack throws the spear to an enemy so in that case you can link the spear and the enemy and set the spear position to enemy.pointX(“SpearStuck”),enemy.point(“SpearStuck”)

Then do some animation for the enemy to die, and unlink the spear. until the player collides again with it.
Hope this make sense sorry I no English native.

Are you saying that “sticker” doesn’t do what I need?

I want sprites that touch a moving player to stick to them once they touch it.

Hi, somehow I also was not able to make the “stick to another object” behavior work. There is another behavior called “MagneticEffect” that could be useful. As the name says it works like a magnet. If that’s not what you want, you need to use “link two objects” after both sprites collide as @UlisesFreitas has suggested.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try out the magnetic effect next.

You add the sticky behaviour to the object you want to stick to other objects. Then in the events you add the sticky object to another. Like this:


When player moves, the stickyObject moves with it.

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Can this be turned off but then on when the player comes in contact with it? If so, how?

There’s an unstick action:

Add the behaviour to your object, add an event action, and select your sticky object. The sticker functions are at the top of the listed actions.

Use normal event conditions to specify when to stick or unstick.

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OH! That sounds like it will work. Thank you!