Turn based battle test doesn't seem to function correctly

I’m trying to develop a turn-based battle system for my game, however, things don’t seem to be working out Ill try to include all my problems in this post (and hopefully fix them too)

** I’m trying to add an attacking system doing the following:**

In yarn, I have a command attached to Node that runs the command “Bar1”
And although the command works, it doesn’t subtract health from the “Health” variable.

Which is the following code:

When I run the command, “Bar1” It does NOT affect the health variable.
As the following shows:


And just to show you that the command does indeed work, I have set it so that when I run the “Bar1” command it quits the game.


I have been stuck on this for so long, send help.

If you want to check out the game file yourself, I have put the link below

The game is super jank atm so don’t mind that, the scene your looking for is "Battle_Scene1

Any help appreciated

You’re not updating your text object displaying health, quite simply.

Move the text action out to another event without any condition.