Tutorial about Cordova

It is free for individuals even for commercial use :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You require license only if you are a studio, working in a team of 5 or more dev.
So it is totally free for individuals and studios of 1-4 people.

The main reason I started using GD was the no coding aspect and GUI yes and it is fun that is true, but today the main reason I am still using it is the features the engine has to offer under the hood:
-movement and rotation events to move something to position, to object, rotate something toward angle, toward position, toward object, to position something around position, around object and conditions to compare the combination of all this.
-object linking
-custom image points
-reliable compiler, polished and stable core

This is what I personally like about GD and not the visual editing aspects any more and this is why I’m still here still supporting it with helping people on the forum to get started with GD.

  1. Open file explorer (wait for load)
  2. Click Documents (wait for load)
  3. Click Important (wait for load)
  4. Right click (wait for load)
  5. Click new folder
  6. Enter name GyuszkoImportantFiles
  7. Press enter to confirm
  8. Click to enter GyuszkoImportantFiles


cd Documents/Important & md GyuszkoImportantFiles & cd GyuszkoImportantFiles

But no point to argue about this, it is all comes down to how fast you can type, how familiar you are with the keyboard and the commands. If you are not familiar and you type slow, a GUI can be faster, easier for sure but once you get familiar with it, basically you don’t even need to think about it, all comes natural and you can type it out a lot faster than using a gui.

Just imagine you would need to use a GUI to pick every single letter or word to enter here to comment. Would that be easier? Of course not because typing in english or in your native language all comes natural to you and obviously a lot faster. It is the same with coding and the command line. Once you get used to it, it is faster.

Bro can you tell me how can I send a text entry data to modify other scene text object.Mainly what I want to do is when My game is launched the menu scene will appear after that I will ask Players name .Player have to type his name by a text entry. And after that my all levels signboard will automatically renamed by his name.

Assign the value from text entry to a global string variable.
For example let’s say you have a global stirng variable called PlayerName

So then when the player enter the name you can assign the value from text entry to PlayerName

Do = textEntryObject.String() to text of global variable PlayerName

And then, you can use the value of the global variable PlayerName, anywhere in your entire game.

Do = GlobalVariableString(PlayerName) to text of textObject

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Yea! Thanks a lot…

If you don’t mind I want to ask something off topic. Well How can I see the which javascript is running when I place commands of (at the beginning of the scene) .I don’t know anything about coding but what I want to do is copy the running script and past it on javascript event.And another off topic is suppose I want to rename at the beginning of scene command to First time.I can do it by developer mode but How can I save that ? You don’t need to answer this if you don’t have time or any other issu.

Just use regular events before and after the JavaScript that set either to 1 or 0 a variable. And what do you mean byr enaming at the beginning scene commands? Also, yes I think we mind on the forum when you don’t create separate posts for separate topics

Its an off topic so I didn’t made any post .And I don’t have any friends who knows programing so you gyes are known to me so I just asked …Never mind sorry.

Still, you should create a new post for each new question. You can’t change that. You can download the source code and modify it to recompile it to custom build for yourself if you want but why would you want to rename it either way?

Just experimenting for fun purpose AND Gain some knowledge.Can you provide me any tutorial link? It will be verry helpful

That is just some basic JavaScript. Try to learn it? I never use tutorial as I never really learned something with them. Everytime I’m like “oh ok that’s how you do that but I have no idea why and how it works” and if you just try by yourself and search on the internet, you often can do it. I learned python through reading the documentation and searching why things I tried didn’t work and started mini projects and then I did greater projects until at a point I didn’t had to search why something didn’t work on the internet at all. It was more effective than every tutorial I never watched.


It’s very technical but you can try, but you should know that I had a lot of mistakes and that I was able to modify the software after many evenings of debugging. Why my PC doesn’t install such and such elements…
It’s quite a journey for programmers, so for non-programmers I can’t imagine.
Everything should be explained in the readme on Github, I managed with this, a lot of questions to Google, and even more coffee ^^

GDevelop/README.md at master · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

If you have no more questions about Cordova i prefer close this post.

Here Cordova and installation dev environement of GD5 are two different subject.

Thank You verrrrrrrrrrrrry much! You save me :sob::sob::sob::sob:

After Step 4 This happen…can you help?

try android and not Android

I was following official tutorial and this happen…what should I do?

You don’t have the android sdk installed

You mean android studio?
Oh! and this happen when I followed “muyinz” tutorial

No, android sdk. When you have android studio it can install it for you but you don’t have it. It says it can’t find it.

So what should I do now I have downloaded android studio

Open it and there should be a dialogue for installing the sdk