Tutorial about Cordova

I don’t know anything about coding.But I want to export my game by cordova. I tryed to use wiki tutorial but it was not helpful for me.It will be great if someone explain it by step by step or share a video tutorial.

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You don’t need to use Cordova just use auto Android export. If you want to build on too iOS, purchase an iOS lisence first and then I will explain the procedure to you.

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We can’t help you if you don’t tell us what’s wrong with the wiki/tuto, or where you got stuck.

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Install Cordova

1: $node-v // / Monitor node version.

2: $npm-v // / Monitor NPM version.

3: $NPM install - G Cordova // / Install Cordova, you don’t need to do this step after installation.

4: $Cordova create < Path > // create the directory of the project, and then overwrite the directory of the newly created project with the Cordova file output from GDevelop 5

5: $CD < path >// Enter the new directory.

6: $Cordova platform add Android // / add platform.

7: $Cordova Requirements // Monitor whether SKD, JDK, Gradle are installed or not.

8: $Cordova build Android // compile applications

9: BUILD SUCCESSFUL appears this command is packaged successfully.

Hope to help you, Cordova’s official website has more specific steps, step by step, but you have to add keystore to apk finally.


@Ruhan Why?
Can you explain what is missing, what you are looking for, why you are not satisfied?
We can improve the wiki, and we prefer to improve the wiki instead of giving the solution here, because other users might need it too.

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Sorry but I was stuck in this problem. Folder is not creating in my project dirctory.

Edit: I found why folder is not creating…actually I don’t know how to navigate to Cordova project’s directory or what dose this mean.

Sorry but I was stuck in this problem. Folder is not creating in my project dirctory.

Edit: I found why folder is not creating…actually I don’t know how to navigate to Cordova project’s directory or what dose this mean.

Stuck in #4 sorry. I choose an empty folder first but after that I copy the manual exports to that folder and run that command again.

First you have to download “node” and continue to monitor version information after installation.

Then you can continue to install “cordova” and create a new file directory after successful installation.

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done! But How to create a new file directory?

why these compilers aren’t a menu?! “open project”, “choose directory”, “import files” ect… it"s 2019!! where are these programmers live?! in the 60’s?!

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Bro I don’t know anything about programing.Sorry man.And its a community try not to use bad words.

I can see how the command line can be scary and alien to non coders and people begin to use computers after DOS but the fact is, the command line is a lot faster to use and more powerful to work with because you can group instructions in to one line what is it that you want Cordova to do and possibly other CLI tools also. Like I want Cordova to do this and then this and then this and then I want to create this folder here and then copy all this from here to here then I wan this to create this package with this preferences from this folder at this location then sign then publish…etc and done.

The command line allow you to input long and complex instructions using a single line in a second depends on how fast you can type instead of searching, browsing and clicking menus and waiting for processes to finish then search, browse and click more.

So the command line is not 60’s thing really, it is the most productive way for a developer to get a complex task done even today and it is unlikely to change.

Of course one can argue that, why there is no GUI for people don’t mind clicking menus. Well, there is a few 3rd party GUI application but none of them actively maintained actually because for the above reasons most developers do prefer the command line and there is no need for a GUI.

However, in case you really need one, Visual Studio is your best option at the moment:

Well, inform yourself before complaining and you would see that there is already GUIs for cordova. For example, phonegap from adobe. And if you don’t even know how to use command-line apps, the you don’t need compiliers usually.

Bro…Sorry for disturbing You…If you don’t mind Can you tell me how to create new file directory? Actually I don’t know about this.

Hey! I think I am in last step of wiki/tutorial. But highlighted whit part is making problems.But I followed the wiki/tutorial.Please help.

If you have already installed Cordova, you can create a folder on the C: disk with new files in it, and the files exported by GDevelop 5 can be overwritten here. Then CD goes into this folder, “cordova platform add android” and then add platform, “cordova requirements” and check whether your SDK, JDK, Gradle and so on are installed. If you have installed it before, you don’t need this step, “cordova build android” and finally edit the application.

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Sorry I failed again :disappointed_relieved:.I think it is not possible.I thank you from bottom of my heart.Thank you for all your support .

Visual Studio is too expensive for me. I found the free Visual Studio Code product, bit it has a highly objectionable license agreement, so I probably won’t use it.

commands arent so scarry. I’m old enough for that when I started the high school in 1994, we were still learning DOS commands. but they were commands! this seems more like random letters without any meaning!
and because I’m not a programmer, I can’t belive how and why faster and more powerful type a command to create a directory, instead of clicking once the “create directory” button. if that were the case, you wouldn’t be here. you wouldn’t use GDevelop or anything other than a notepad. but you are here, because graphical user interface makes life easier. for everybody. I accept not everyone demands it, but the two do not rule out each other.