[Tutorial] How to make a HighScore

I’ve done my first video Tutorial and it is about how to make a HighScore in your game.



Looks great! Don’t forget to add a link to your channel or videos to the video tutorials section on the wiki:

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thanks, its done :grinning:

Good job, it’s a question that comes back very often :clap:

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I followed this tutorial. But something is not working for me.

(External event - scene variable is made. And is a overlay for almost every scene.)

(Sceen you get when you finish a level succesfull. And changes variable score. And needs to save the highscore to system.)

There is nothing happening with the highscore. I only get the placeholder text.
Also the score + coins in external event worked perfectly before. But now this is not working also. It now only show the placeholder text.

What did i do wrong? I can’t see what.

This is the screen where the placeholder text needs to change.

Thanks in advance.

For starters, I think you have name errors: I see “coins”, “cois”, and “geld”.

No thats not it. There is no typo there. I already checked before. And now again. But everything is right.
Maybe better to change it, because it is a little bit confusing.
But also, it was working perfectly before i started on the highscore. (the coins & score)

Coins = Global variable
geld = text from external layout
cois = text from goal page

OK, slightly confusing indeed.
Then there’s a Variable(Score) and a GlobalVariable(Score). Is that normal too?

I think so. The GlobalVariable(Score) is what i alreay had.
Which i use for the score in both events.

The Variable(Score), i added it because of the tutorial. And is to store the highscore value in. Because you only can choose a scene variable and not an global variable. (NOTE : This is in the external event)