Tutorial - Making a basic shooter

This is a 3 part video tutorial showing how to start out making a really basic shooting game, where you have a ship you can move side to side and incoming asteroids coming from the top of the screen. The ship can shoot the asteroids and is destroyed if an asteroid hits it. Good if you’re just starting with GD and aren’t sure how to start a game.

I’ve uploaded the tutorial images with this post too.

tut_images.zip (7.72 KB)

nice! thank you for making tutorials. We need more :smiley:


I did not forget about the tutorials you requested by the way.

This one shows how enemies can have a field of view: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5026

To achieve the effect of telling which objects block you from being seen, set up a system like in that example. You then want to give any objects you want to block the AI view a variable ID = n and then give each ‘ray’ a variable ID = n. Then check on collision that AI.Variable(ID) = obstacle.Variable(ID) and if yes, delete the ray. If no, then the object will not block AI line of sight.

Nice tutorial again! :slight_smile:

Hey Mats, the link you gave for the “line of sight” example doesn’t work for me. Is there a chance that the link needs to be updated, because I really want to see how you figured out Line of Sight