Tutorial Not Working For Me


Im a new Gdevelop user, I decided to do the tutorial to get used to the UI and see how everything works. I started with this tutorial - GDevelop 5 [GDevelop wiki] - I followed the directions but haven’t been able to get it to work. Im stuck at the canon firing, which it won’t. I left click but nothing happens. When I type in Turret.PointX(Canon) the script comes back with the error. Anyone have any helpful advice?

ALSO does Develop have any extensions that allow me to code in Java?


You have do what the error message says and put Canon between quotes, like (“Canon”). :slight_smile:

About the Java extension, not to my knowledge, maybe someone else can confirm.

  1. I did, doesn’t work.
  2. In the tutorial it doesn’t state to add " "

Odd. As for #2, it tells you that you need to wrap your text in quotes in the error message right under where you are trying to enter it. I don’t know why this wasn’t specified in the tutorial.

The tutorials you’re going through are for GDevelop 4 while the version you’re using is GDevelop 5.
You can find GDevelop 5 tutorials here.
I’m not sure about Java, but GDevelop allows you to code in JavaScript. Read more about it here.


Have you added the points to the sprite?

That would make it not work even with the quotes in the action.

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