Tutorial Requests II

Let me know what you need. I have animation programs, art programs, photo programs, music programs. Just make a list as you need items and I will try to keep up with your pace.

Out of curiosity, what animation programs do you have? I’m trying to find good keyframe based animation software and both Flash and Synfig are too complicated for me.

Did you try Blender with textured planes? Blender allows you to (of course) move, rotate and escale over the animation, and manipulate the animation curves as Bezier, Linear, Constant…

I did a couple of hours for these last night and am doing the same tonight, but am not quite ready with a finished video. These tutorials apparently take a long time! :astonished:
But don’t worry, they are coming. :slight_smile:

Stuff that could make the tutorials look better:

-Slot machine related stuff (the slots, one arm bandit thing maybe, some more fruit)

-Nice buildings for city defence, with a good health and destroyed state.
-Some smoke for city defence
-Some cool enemies for city defence

-Cool looking enemies for galaxian

-A background for bejeweled type game

Stuff I already have:

I already have cards for blackjack (and a party done game)
I already have the brick game completely finished
Jewels for bejeweled
spaceships (by millionthvector)

I’m using AnimeStudio Debut 9.5. Coincidently I had planned on purchasing AnimeStudio Pro 10 this evening.

For Art I use sketchbook Pro

For Photos I use Photoshop Elements9

For Sound (Music) I use Magix Music Maker Jam

I also have a slew of other programs for shading, Dynamic lighting, 3-D Modeling.

I uploaded some images to the folder (Folder)
-Some backgrounds
-Some fruits
-A very (very) basic slot machine and two buttons
-And the old pac-man resource

I made one (four part) tutorial, but the internet is being lame about letting me upload to Youtube. So far, I have only managed to get two parts uploaded and it gives me silly upload times like 400 minutes for each part :astonished: . This is probably because I am in the countryside for two weeks…

Nice! Love the GameDevelop logo being in there. I guess that will be the top prize. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :smiley:

Could you please make a tutorial on how to save and load data to files, 1 a simple text file (for editing game values outside the game) and 2 a savegame file? :smiley:

Edit: nm, found what I was looking for in the examples :slight_smile: