Tutorial Requests II

I’m going to make some more video tutorials this week. Any requests?

I was thinking of covering creating a racing game (from scratch), so that you can race a car around a track and making it so the AI can race around too.

Also, if you have any comments on how I can improve these video tutorials, they are very welcome! :slight_smile:

I would like to learn Bingo Style Games, Casino: Slots, Table Games, Word games like Words With Friends etc.

Thank you for making this program and making those How to Videos. I can’t belive that I have creadted as much as I have.

Top shelf my friend.

I did not make this program. It’s 4ian (he is the guy on the forum with LOTS of posts) who made GD. :wink:

Interesting request. I’ll put at least one casino/gambling game tutorial up. :slight_smile:

I’d like to learn how to make Bejeweled clone. My mom loves those and I’d like to do one for Mother’s day.

Never played that game… I’ll play it (probably tomorrow, too tired right now) to see how difficult that is before I say yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Hog. There is a Gems style example in my files. Not sure if this came to everyone, would you like it?

I think most famous Bejeweled clone is now Candy Crush Saga :wink:.

Fun fact: Bejeweled was developed by the same company that gave us Plants vs. Zombies (PopCap).

And Mordios, sure I’d like to see it. I think hardest part in a game like that is to check if move actually cleared something and checking if there is any move at all to be made.

How about Tetris , Arkanoid, City Defence, Galaxian, Pac-Man? Remake of old classics, not that difficult to remake them but very useful experience for beginners and some of them even for advanced users.

okay I have tonight set aside for tackling some of these. Very many requests, so only a few will be done today!

I really hate this game so no.



What? Googled it - Yes.

Rather tricky, but yes (a mini version with just a few colours/gems).

Hell yes!

No. Hate word lists.

Bingo is a plague upon the Earth (so no).

Blackjack ok?

If you can find me some graphics, then yes.

More specifically?

Over several weeks…

For tutorial purposes, graphics don’t have to be great, you could probably make some slots gfx in paint easily.

I could, but that takes extra time than a game I already have graphics for or can make graphics for very quickly.

Very quickly. Just paint something in Paint, for tutorial purposes graphics can look like if they were made in Paint.

If it’s so quick, then why don’t you make them in paint? :wink:

Less than 5 minutes. Yes, it does look like shit, but it don’t have to have Photoshop quality for purposes of a tutorial.

I have a week off, so I will have some free time. I could make some graphics with the GIMP, like this:
Of course it would take me more than 5 minutes, but is relatively fast.

Even for tutorials, if you can find nice graphics it still better than using bad quality! :slight_smile:
Indeed, newcomers will see these nice graphics and will be less reluctant to read the tutorial. It is even more important when it comes to people reading tutorial knowing that there are alternatives to Game Develop: If they find a tutorial for Game Develop and another tutorial for another tool, they will surely choose the one with the best graphics! (It’s sad but it’s true).

In any case, many thanks Mats for taking time to create tutorials :smiley:

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a tutorial on doing 8 direction movement with jumping (gravity) similar to games such as:
beyond oasis

Sorry these did not get done yesterday. I was awake until 2:30am and the club across the road was still playing very loud music (strange because on Friday they were quiet before 12:30am)! Today is Sunday (and they have an Elvis tribute on at the moment ugh), so they will probably be quiet at midnight.

I also agree with 4ian. Good pictures definitely make for a better tutorial. Thanks Lizard for those slots ones! If you would like to make images for anything I’m making a tutorial about, it would be most welcome! Your GIMP stuff is just what is needed for the tutorials. I am missing graphics for Pacman, slot machine and city defence, if you want to make any?

I have also added Game Develop to the start of the Youtube vids as suggested in the other topic. : )

I have a feeling you asked this before already… I really must get around to looking at what these three games are. :unamused:

yeah… i am curious as to how you’d do it. I am kind of working on something like that already in multimedia fusion. :smiley: it’s not perfect though.

Sadly, MillionthVector hasn’t been connected in a while, he could help you.
I’ll upload some resources here:
My GD resources folder

I know nothing about licenses, but feel free to use them in any game (Mats and anyone)
I made the Pac-man resource this morning and I think I’ll continue with the Slots. Any suggestion, let me know :slight_smile: