Tutorial Space Shooter Enemies not coming on screen

I can’t find anyone who has this problem. My enemies don’t move when outside of the screen canvas. But they will move when on the screen canvas.

I followed the instructions which are:
The X position of Enemies >= CameraX()+450

Add to Enemies an instant force, angle 180 degrees and length: 200 pixels

Anyone know why they only move on the canvas?


" Finally, we need to give a force to move enemies . However, we should provide a force when they are on the camera. Hence, we will add a new condition to perform our idea. In this condition, we are looking at the Enemies’ X position when it is less than the center Camera X position + 450 . Make sure that less or equal to is selected in the sign of the test."

That says “Greater than or equal to”. The tutorial say “less than or equal to”

Also, it only moves when on screen because that’s what the tutorial says:

I type the wrong thing on here, but I finally found it, I had left Timedelta with small d and didn’t see.

Also Instant Force means it’ll instantly snap to where you want it. You want Permanent Force I think.

Urm, applying force doesn’t teleport it because there is not X Y position, just direction an speed. I’m new to this software but I’m very sure permanent means it keeps applying the force even when the condition isn’t true. It’s good for bullets.

To clarify on this, Instant force means the force is applied once, for a single frame, if all conditions are true. If the conditions are true every frame it’ll keep having a force applied.

Permanent force means that the force is applied every frame regardless of conditions, after it is applied.

Neither have anything to do with snapping to the destination.

Sorry about that! I was thinking of a different engine, been playing with several lately. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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