Hello all, I made a tutorial and I know most of you don’t check the wiki so I will announce it here.

It would be nice to provide the game as a compressed file at the end of the tutorial.
Then, it’s not what I call a tutorial : you need to explain what your are doing (especially how the network extension works) and also give more pictures (from the events).

Sorry, I’m not very good at explaining and I don’t have a good screenshot tool. Maybe you know one that can help? By the way I use print screen so far, so not very good. I will edit the tutorial and explain it better. Thanks for your tip!
Edit: Will have to edit tommorow parents telling me to sleep :frowning:.

I will see if I can help. :wink:
But your tutorial is for more than an “intermediate” level (because of the networking part).

I did mention it was for more intermediate users at the start of the tutorial.
Also I’m editing right now.
Also can you do me a favor and check if the information in the “Extra” section is correct? Thanks victor.
From, Foreverip

Sorry, I was gone for a few hours. I’ll get to editing it now.
Edit: Finish explaining the tutorial and added the file. Just need to add screenshots. :imp: I’ll need help.
Edit2: Got a better screenshot tool :smiley: . Will start adding images.

Oh no the images are tooo small XP like wayyyyyyy too small
Nevermind I fixed it :wink:

Aha! Mostly fixed the tutorial. :smiley: I’m happy now. Also can you please check the extras section if my porting forward tips are correct? Thanks :smiley:.

Thank you for this! Will definitely read up on this so I can see how networking works in GD. Would be nice if you can provide the project file :slight_smile:

I did add the file, its in the extras section up at the end of the tutorial.