Tutorials, examples remade in GD

  1. Scratch tutorial “Double jump”:
    Note:To do the same easy way just use the Platformer authomatism as shown in the Platformer tutorial:
    wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/en … formergame

  2. Scratch tutorial “Maze Game”:
    GD project:
    maze.zip (6.95 KB)

Note: The picture of the maze shall have a transparent background. In this case a collision is checked only with walls of the maze and not with the whole picture of it. If you make the background transparent through Events it will not work because Player will still collide with the whole picture of the maze.

To make background of pictures transparent using PaintNet:

  • Open the picture in the PaintNet.
  • Choose Magic Wand tool.
  • Click with Magic Wand on the color (white) which you want to be transparent. It will be selected in the picture.
  • Press [Del] - the background color will be deleted.
  • Save the picture.
  1. Next tutorial remade in GD is “Creating a Memory Match Game in Construct 2” by kittiewan:
    scirra.com/tutorials/280/cr … ame/page-1

See a GD tutorial for this project:
wiki.compilgames.net/doku.ph … yMatchGame

The source files of the tutorial parts:
MemoryMatch_sources.zip (33.5 KB)

The card graphic you can find at the page of the original tutorial or create it yourself (1 card back and 12 card faces).
For part 5 you’ll need some audio files (music and sound effects) which are not included in the archive but in the tutorial there is a suggestion where to find them or use your own files.

Nice ! I think it would be cool if you write this in an article on the wiki (“Construct 2 tutorials ported to GD”). You could host the files on a Dropbox also to get faster and more reliable downloads :slight_smile:
(You can then continue this thread in parallel or put a link to the article)

Exactly what I needed. Thank you very much! I agree with 4ian and I think it would be really nice if you could write these in wiki or tutorial. I can help with writing or editing if you need any :wink:

Added the link to my Memory Match Game tutorial on wiki. Still working on it, ready 2 of 5 parts. I think that the part 2 looks too complicated and intimidating for beginners, added a simple way to lay out the cards - just by hand (more work for you but easy to understand :wink: ).

The Memory Match Tutorial is almost finished (the easy version is checked, just need to check its advanced version and upload source files for it).
The link: wiki.compilgames.net/doku.ph … ymatchgame

Impressive :slight_smile: Still a little bit of work and it’ll be perfect! :mrgreen:

Great post!

I’m learning from it. Massive thanks! :unamused: