Tween background color

Tween background color…

do i need to say more?

The issue with tweening a background colour is that the colour format requires three values in a string.

You can’t tween strings for starters, however, you could assign each colour (RGB) value a variable and then tween those values and then have a separate event that always run that edits the background colour using those values.

You would need to format the ending string like this though

color1var + “;” + color2var + “;” color3var

I’ve not tried this so I’m not sure how smooth it would look due to how the colours may mix.

Its not a hassel tho. Its like tweening a objects position X and Y but in this case its X Y Z or R G B same thing ykk

This is for tint but will work for coloring anything that require RGB

Now you set variables to whatever you want
You could tween variables to smoothly transition to some colors
Even make rainbow effect
But you would need to be careful which variable to tween when and to what