Tween stops working when changing scene

For some reason the tween works perfectly fine when I play the scene by itself but when I play the scene before and have it change to this scene the tween stop working for almost 20 seconds before working perfectly fine again and I don’t even know what the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If it would help, I can upload more pictures of the events

It would be helpful to provide a gif of the problem :slight_smile:

Remove the finished tween before starting a new one.

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I’ve removed the tween after it finished playing like you said but it still doesn’t work for some reason

I don’t get why it doesn’t work since i copied the exact tween events form the previous scene so it should have worked

I asked to remove the tweens before starting the new one, not after. :slight_smile:
You copy-pasted this from another scene? Did you check that your object has the tween behavior in the new scene?
Also, what about the 20 seconds? Please give an accurate and thorough description
of the problem, or it’s very hard for us to help.

Also, a trigger once on the last line wouldn’t hurt.

Also, there are some extensions you can use to achieve the same thing. Mine is called “timed back and forth”.

Also, I use the word also too much. :grin:

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Sorry to bother you, I tried removing the tween in the previous scene but that didn’t seem to work. By the 20 seconds what I meant was that it took around 20 seconds for the enemy sprites to start moving after standing still

I meant changing the order to put the Remove first.

You can use the Tween conditions with text objects to figure out what happens, perhaps.

Oh, but you have several objects on the scene, maybe they’re conflicting. You should try the “for each object” special event.

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This is what I’ve done but it doesn’t work (previous scene)

Events for scene that I’m trying to fix:

I made a duplicate scene and the same problem occurred so it must be something to do with the previous scene

I FINALLY FIXED IT! (kinda) I gave up on using tween and instead used the right left collision method from one of the tutorials and it works a treat! Sorry for unnecessarily bothering you Gruk :pensive: but thanks for replying so quickly to my questions :slight_smile:

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