Tweening Problem

I’m trying to set my character so that he spins his sword, 360 degrees, every time the space button is pressed.
I’ve been reading about tweening and have got it worked…somewhat.
The only issue now is that the tween only runs once, and I’m not too sure how to get it run for every time I press the space bar…I’ve tried it with and without the “trigger once” rule being applied - I am hitting a brick wall.

Secondly, if anyone can assist in how to get the rotation to apply to a specific point, that would be amazing. I have set up an “point” on the handle of the sword. Right now, it only spins from the centre point.

Add trigger once to your 1st condtion

Adding trigger once doesn’t make a difference - still only works once…

Hi @EvilSpade

As @ZeroX4 suggested, add trigger once.

Also you need to add an action “Change angle of sword = 0” before the tween action.