Two little things

Hi. first I want to thank you this awesome software! I love to see it getting more better day by day!
I have two little request, wich aren’t a new feature, just a little improvement for the better usability.

in the object prorerties window I would like to ask, please move the “edit hitboxes” and “edit points” menu buttons to the bottom menu bar. it’s annoying always pulling down to the bottom of all animations, when I want to check one of them.

in the scene editor the left mouse button is select an instance. the middle mouse button is move the camera (“pan view”). but push down middle mouse button has the select instance function too. so when I want to move the viewport, I will select something else, or deselect all. this is annoying too! I would like to ask please separate the functions of mouse buttons in the scene editor. select will be select, and move will be move.

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I totally agree my player has 126 animations and it is quite annoying having to scroll to the bottom of the window

Yes, the problem is the same in the variables windows, you need to scroll down to access the buttons.

The middle mouse issue seems like a bug that needs to be fixed.