Two questions (Trigger once, Dialogue Avatars)

Hey, it’s Quibo again. I am posting quite a lot in the span of two days. Some of my questions were very basic, so sorry if that can be considered spamming. Thank you for the help the community has provided.:grin:
If the mods believe that I am even remotely spamming, please delete any thread you want.

So, to my questions:
I am currently able to make the controllable character come into collision to an NPC, which triggers 5 lines in a textbox (linked with the Dialogue Text system). When the lines finish the character is able to move again, and if he comes to collision with the NPC again, the same 5 lines take place.

  1. I inserted “Trigger once”, but every time the Controllable characters comes into collision with the NPC, the dialogue text system gets triggered. What does “Trigger once” mean then? And how can I make it happen so that the 5 lines get triggered only one time, the first time that the controllable character comes into collision with the NPC, and never again?

EDIT2: A user back in Oct 2017 said: “Trigger once only means “trigger once when the condition is true”. The event will trigger again if the condition becomes false and then true again.” I kinda get it now, but how can we actualize what I am asking in the previous paragraph?

Lines that I inserted “Trigger once”: (EDIT: the following example includes the cursor pressed, as I wanted to test it as well, originally it was a line about Controllable character coming into collision with the NPC)

  1. (SOLVED) Minor question: I looked at the squirrel example that the GDevelop team provides, and I was wondering if the avatars of who is talking can be handled automatically or the developer has to manually always insert the avatar for every single sequence?

The avatar from the sample must be added to the JSON in the node tree as a command like < < avatar player > > or < < avatar Centaur > >,without space no shortcuts

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Hey I took note of this points when creating this tutorial back then.

In this tutorial I reduced the number of events used in the dialogue we have in gdevelop 5 so it should be much more easier.
This should help you

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Wonderful! This is exactly what I wanted to know about question 2. I will tackle it tomorrow
more thoroughly and if any problem arises, I’ll post :smiley: