Types of Enemy movement, examples of, and how to achieve it?

Ok, you have a little problem here. The problem is you don’t know how to implement an algorithm, and to do that is better to know the features of GD.

When programming… well, also when we make a “sort of”… there is a lot of ways to implement the same mechanic. When I give you that idea for that algorithm, I was not even thinking in any kind of implementation, I was just describing the core mechanic behind the algorithm idea.

If you ask for a specific problem I’m sure people will try to help you; but you are almost asking for someone to makes your game, or a HUGE part of it.

And you’re right, The wiki don’t explains how to perfom different kinds of enemy movement, because (unless one day that “enemy movements” became part of the native GD implementations) the wiki is there to explain to you how to use the tools, not to tell you what you have to do with the tools… that’s you’re responsability.

And well, It’s ok to ask to other users, but you’re making a wide-open question and asking for someone to make for you a HUGE part of your project (even basic IA programming can not be achieved in some single lines).

Maybe some users can help you posting their own “already-ready” implementations of IA algorithms. But I’m not sure you’ll have an answer soon. Usually people learn the mechanic behind an algorithm and then implements it in the programmative language or IDE they use (in this case GD, an IDE) and you have to take in account, GD is already one of the simplest way to make games. More simplier than this… only if the computer automatically makes what you’re thinking.

Another thing you need to have in mind is the implementation of an algorithm completely depends on how your game engine is organized.

[b]I can not make an example of that algorithm for you, because I don’t know (for example) if your game is an automated grid-based game or if you manually set the sprites in the scene design windows… that changes everything… the answer you need depends on the game you’re building.

Tell you what: upload your project in a post of this thread, (a zip file containing all the files you’re using, not only the project file), and ask how to achieve an specific kind of movement in the game you’re already working. Then we can help you.[/b]