UI scrolling or web element (Modal)?

I came from a web background. I tried a bit but no success so I’m wondering if anyone sort of solved this, or any advice on how they can be achieved.

  1. How would one create a vertical scrolling UI element… For instance, if there are large amount of crafting recipe for user to choose and they dont fit in a screen.

  2. From what i have read so far, it doesn’t seem like its possible to import html files or import other frontend web frameworks like Materialize (js)… Can this be done? I’m looking for something like “Modal” to work within gdevelop?


Short answer: A layer, a mask, and a camera.

Create a layer for your modal dialog that is hidden until needed.
When you show the modal dialog, unhide the layer and apply a mask to the layer so that only the “UI” portion is visible. (I’d have to think about how to create a mask effectively for this but it should be possible)
Use a camera on that layer to scroll around on that layer (vertically or horizontally).

Thanks!. I can start playing around with that…

If anyone have anything simpler, please share! If somehow can make Materialize work, that would be awesome!. I dont need anything fancy at all… … :smile: