Unable to delete objects

Hi all! I am unable to delete an object. When i clicked a button, the object is supposed to be deleted, showing another object. However, when i clicked the button, the object is deleted and immediately re-appeared again. How can i solve this error? I want the object to be deleted permanently in order to show another object. Please help! Thanks alot!

Are you able to show us the offending code so we can see what’s going on?

I am not sure which part of the codes im having issues with. But the problem may lies with the timers. Can you explain to me how to use scene timers?

You can consult the documentation here :


There is also several examples in Gdevelop (Count Down timer).

Here is a quick example of a simple scene timer. What this will do is create a sprite in a random location on the screen every 1 second.

Thank you guys! However, now the created object cannot be deleted. It just displayed over there.

You may have an action that keeps spawning the item each frame, so while the object is getting deleted, it is also being remade either in the same frame or the next frame. Without seeing the code, it’s going to be hard for us to assist much further.