Unable to Import AAC formatted Audio Files Into Project

I would like to use the AAC format for the audio files in my project as it is supported natively by iOS. However, the GDevelop file system browser is not recognizing it as a supported codec despite being explicitly recommended by the documentation. The file in question has a “.m4a” extension and yet are not visible in the location I saved them when I attempt to import via the browser. I also have an “.mp3” version of the file in the same location, and it imports just fine. I’m creating exports of my audio using the latest version of Audacity. I’m also using the desktop application for GDevelop, not the web client. I don’t know if this is a bug of some kind or if there’s a setting I need to mess with first. Any help is appreciated.

If they are .m4a then they are not AAC

Codec does not mean format
There are A LOT converters online
If you have access to windows try pazera