"Unable to open the project", made with a template

This is a cry for help, specifically for the GDevelop team members.
I’m getting an error message the same as the title of this post every time i try to open my cloud-saved project, which was made with the “3d first person” template. Other projects made from scratch open just fine.

How do I…

Open my project?

What is the expected result

The project opening

What is the actual result

The project not opening

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Project files (optional)

It’s in the cloud

I’ve seen others encountering a similar problem being asked to give the gdevelop team their username and the project they’re trying to recover, so:
My username is Jachii,
and the project I’m tryna access is “3D Doom-y test”.

have you check the internet or check if that browser allows cookies for gdevelop

Yes, projects which weren’t made using the template open just fine

maybe it a connective problem, try doing a hard restart be click ctrl+shift+r, or try to sign out and sign in again