Unable to pan/scroll in Yarn Editor

Hi, this might be a Yarn specific issue but I’m hoping someone else has experienced and has a suggestion. I’m on PC and I should be able to hold alt and left click to pan the yarn editor around to view my different nodes. And it worked when I created the file and I was editing, but for some reason it just stopped working suddenly. Closing and reopening the file doesn’t make a difference and neither does closing/reopening the project. Is this a known bug? I didn’t find anything when searching the forum. This is going to make ever editing dialogue once it’s typed up basically impossible if I can’t access other nodes.

I appreciate any help!

I’m probably barking up the wrong tree, but it’s worth asking: are you alt dragging in empty areas? Alt-dragging on a node moves the node. Works for me this morning, latest version of GDevelop, though I have always edited my dialogue within the Yarn editor, never an external editor (I noticed you’d mentioned that in another post). Can you pan around a fresh json file, made inside GDevelop and not opened in anything else?

Hi! I was wondering if I’d see you here, its your tutorial i’m following lol

Yeah I’m dragging in an empty area. It’s so weird, when I create a new yarn file, in gdevelop, everything works fine and I can pan and everything. But the moment I click ‘apply’, when i try to go back in and edit that file, while still in gdevelop, suddenly it doesn’t work anymore. I can move the nodes themselves, but not pan the area. Using the mouse wheel to zoom out also doesn’t work for some reason, it just zooms out my bezier curves connecting my nodes but not the nodes themselves. (see below)

I did try using an external editor, although I don’t want to because it’s more confusing and I’d really prefer to use the yarn editor in gdevelop. But if I can’t access my nodes once I save them that’s kind of an issue lol

I’m on the latest version and I’m using the app, not in-browser. I’m really not sure what the issue is here to be honest

That’s very odd. I’m also using the app, not the in-browser version. I’m on Windows 11. I made a change to my demo dialogue and applied it, then went back in, and had no problem with alt-dragging. It could be a bug, though I can’t reproduce it. Have you used the Yarn editor before all this? And did it work fine then? If you had an issue with options lists or something, I might have been able to help :smiley: but a software/engine thing… I’m not nearly clever enough!

Also on Win11! I even made a new yarn file, it worked fine, dragged around. I saved it. Tried to go back in and it stopped working lol. This is my first time properly using yarn. I think I tried a few months ago and ran into this issue then and thought it was me messing up somehow and gave up but now I’m back and it’s still acting up :weary:

@worriedpixels out of curiosity, what version does your yarn editor say in the lower left corner? maybe i’m using an old version of that… somehow

The version number is 0.4.116.

yup thats the one i’m in too! weird

well i figured out a bit of a work around that I’ll share here in case someone else down the line has this same issue:

I did some testing and it seems to be some kind of bug. It works when I create a yarn file, but once I click save and apply, if I try to go back in to edit, it no longer works. However, if i double click into a node, and then while in that node, go to the search and hover over the name of another node, the view port will snap to that node and that seems to jumpstart the functionality again? So if I exit out of the node i originally went into I can pan/scroll again. But I have to do that every time I go into edit a node. (Also the mousewheel doesn’t work either, that was one of the first things I tried. It doesnt work to click and drag , unless I do this hack, and it doesnt scroll in or out properly, it will only zoom out my lines attaching the nodes but not the nodes themselves, unless I do this hack lol.)

it’s kind of a silly bug but i’m glad I found a relatively simply (if annoying) work around for it.

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