unable to rezise any sprite if grid is enabled ?

so after the last update which made the game exit and other stuff (thanks a lot for that) …but now i can’t resize any of my sprites to custom size if grid is enabled (the sprite will just disappear) … but if grid isn’t enabled it will work just fine but i need to work with grid ? so what happened to gdevelop 5 after that last update ?

it was working just fine before …

+1 you spotted an issue, i’ll report it on github.

Kink glad it’s a bug and not in the project i hope it’s fixed very soon . i will work on the game from an older version now until it’s fixed .
can you post the link of the issue on github so i can see when it will be fixed ?
thanks …


Sorry about this, it’s a stupid regression. Will upload a fixed version hopefully tomorrow!


  Do we need to redownload the whole gdevelop 5? after the fix?

So glad it’s fixed … thanks a lot … waiting for the next update .

Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the great new update … lots of good things in it . some annoying bugs are fixed .
really hope in the next update we can edit collision masks just with mouse but for now i have to say thanks a lot :slight_smile: