Unable to show objects

Hi all! I am having an issue of when i click on the correct answer, the word correct will appear and stays there until the other question appear. However, when i click on the correct answer, the correct word appear but then disappear once i released the mouse.

it seems an other action is overwrites this. because the condition is met only until you push the mouse button.

It works perfectly fine when i answered correctly for the first and third question but then the problem appears when i answer the second question correctly.

Check your “mouse button released” scene actions are the same for the 1st and 2nd questions. They can’t be the same if they behave differently.

If you can’t see the difference, post a screenshot of the two sections of code.

The first picture shows that when the cat collide with each point, a new question will appears. The second picture will show the first question that will be asked to the player and the third picture will be the second question. Both actions for answering the first and second question correctly are the same but then when the player answers the second question correctly, ‘correct’ is displayed when the player clicks on the correct option but then when the mouse is released, ‘correct’ disappear.

None of the screenshots show any event with a mouse is released condition. Can you search for that in your level1 events, and post a screen capture of that event?