Unable to Subscribe

I have tried to sign up for a subscription but all of my credit cards that I have tried are getting declined instantly. I have spoke with the Stripe customer service about the issue and this is what they had to say.

“I understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t make a payment. I want to help you get this resolved, but we can’t share any Stripe account information with anyone other than to Merchants or to the account owners. I would recommend reaching out to the company you were trying to make the purchase or subscribe from and have them reach out to Stripe, so we can look into this. As soon as they do, we’ll get straight to work investigating this. We should hopefully be able to get this whole thing sorted out for you!”

Please help! I would like to support GDevelop as well reap the benefits of subscripting.

I also had a issue with signing up to the forums. I first used my hotmail email account but I never got the activation email. I have tried resending it multiple times but nothing is showing up. I have checked the spam/junk folder multiple times but nothing.

I had to create a new account with my gmail account. Is there a reason why my hotmail account isn’t working?

Sorry you’re having trouble. Please send a private message to @4ian with the following details:

  • which country your cards are issued from,
  • if they are physical or virtual cards,
  • credit or debit cards,
  • the GDevelop account you tried to subscribe with,
  • the date and time you tried (make another try, if you don’t remember), and
  • any error message you got.

That being said, I find strange that Stripe doesn’t tell you why your cards are rejected. :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I can send him a private message because on his profile he states, " No question by private message or by email please : instead post it on the forum, so that everyone can answer and search for the question later."

Also if I can I’m not really sure how to send a private message. This forum layout is different to what I’m use to.

I don’t think new users can do that

Oh, well now what do I do?

I found this post about payments. But I can’t send a private message. :confused:

Thank you for the info. I’m guessing that I finally posted enough on the forum to not be tagged as a new member and was able to message him.

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How long does it take for 4ian to reply?

4ian is a Google engeneer (he doesn’t live from GDevelop subscriptions) and also has a private life, and already uses his spare time to maintain GDevelop. He’ll respond when he’ll get the time :wink:


Gotcha. I was just wondering. I would like to use the Live Preview feature with my smartphone to test out my project.

All engine functionality is available without a subscription. You get a reminder before some functions, but it is not blocked. The only exception is the live build service.

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That’s good to know that all the engine features are available. It’s not just the features but I also want to support the engine. I really love how easy it is for me to develop with. I’m a visual learner and how you can program the project with GDevelop fits the bill I’m looking for.

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No worries, I agree. I’m just saying you should be able to proceed and use the feature as needed while waiting for a fix on the subscription.