Underground darkness

I’m making a game like Terraria, currently I’m working on underground ores, I want the underground to be dark and the ores cannot be seen, when the player approaches the surrounding ores it will glow about 1 block, thanks Then players will see and dig the ores, how can i do that?

I’m quite new to this all but, I would imagine you could create a light object and then set a condition for when a player gets close to it to activate it?

scene so dark

You Might wanna place a light object at top and go into the layers so click lightning layer its automatically created go there and set the brightness to full and then add to blocks behaviour named Light Obstacle it will work for the basic you can place that light object as sun at make it really huge and might also follow the player so that the lightining is everywherw

i don’t understand:),can you give me picture how to do that?thx