Unlock Levels By Password or Codes

Back in the day, during the popularity of NES games, there was a famous game known as “Aladdin”. These days, for modern games, the game levels are directly shown on the screen, which could be locked or unlocked after completing previous levels. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to allow players to select levels directly. Every time they start the game, they will have to start from scratch, level 1. But I will give them an option on the main menu or main screen, before the start of the game, to enter a passcode or password to jump to a level directly by skipping previous levels. Now, that passcode or secret item will be revealed at the end or completion of every level. For example, if I complete level 1, the game will give me a passcode for level 2 and I will have to write it down on paper or somewhere to jump directly to level 2 next time. How can we create these types of events in GDevelop? This is inspired by the classic Aladdin game. The password will be a combination of three items in correct order, those 3 items could be either images or text.

Which part are you having trouble with?
Translate what you try to achieve in natural sentences in the form “if …, then …”, and see where that leads you.
For instance, “if player wins level one, then display the symbols banana-hookah-peanut”.
Then, see how you can convert that to actual events.