[Unsupported][yarn] How do i display a Variable?

I finally started to dabble into Yarn. So far, it works pretty well.
But i already stumbled upon a problem, i am stuck on.

Via yarnspinner docs i found out, that a Variable is displayed thru the use of {$MyVar}
However, it results not in displaying the value of the Variable.

I did some testing, changed when to start the dialogue and when to set the Variable, but it was of no use.
I tried both, text and number Variables, but both ended up not beeing displayed.

Some more testing showed me, that the Variables are correctly set, but not displayed.

What am i missing?

If it’s not in the example project or in the wiki, it’s probably not supported.
There are several limitations or bugs compared to the yarnspinner docs.
The problem is outside GDevelop, unfortunately.

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Thanks for letting me know.
I can work around it, but using yarn directly would have been better.

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