Unwanted edges in my Pixel Perfect Game

Hi everyone. I was making my game when my game’s menu when I saw this

If you don’t notice anything then I will zoom my image. Now see it:
There are some pixels that were not intended to be there :disappointed_relieved:.

Can you please fix this bug :slightly_smiling_face:.

Guessing here, I’m not sure how this works in GD, but as I know in other engines.
I think is not a bug more than you have to zoom in even numbers if you apply zoom to 1.5 the renden can not calculare an accurate zoom to be applied to the image.

Yeah, that might be the case. This new pixel only renders when I Maximize the game window. But even though, I would really appreciate if someone fixes this (if its fixable).

Ulises is right. Scaling pixel based art will always look odd at non-integer sizes, because it has to scale, as an example, 3 pixels to 4.5 pixels if you’ve zoomed in 1.5x, which isn’t something that is possible. So it has to do some guesswork and it will distort.

The bumps you’re seeing on your side, though, I have no idea what would cause that, unless you’re using a panel sprite and have chosen the “repeat border” Option.

@Silver-Streak Is it possible to force my game window to stay on a integer size. You said if it is 1.5x or 2.3x or some decimalx then this problem may occur, so can I force my game window to stay on 1x instead of 1.5x and 2x instead of 2.3x and so on…

Hi you can try to apply zoom with round() in some of my pixels games works, unless is 8x8 in 16x16 or 32x32 pixel art based games I apply camera zoom round(1.8) and it’s working fine.

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