Update "DataBase Connection" doc ?

(I moved this post from bug to feature requests since it’s not that much of a bug)
I followed the steps to post datas in a database, and it worked well ( thanks alot for this ), but I stored the response and it showed that.
The response: prnt.sc/ilmp7m
In google chrome console: prnt.sc/ilmpkl

The problem come when I want to use the “get” way. For exemple, I did a sql request the answer a “count()” request, here in my exemple, the result is “10” prntscr.com/ilsl30
Problem is, I get the text from the alert about deprecated way in my variable too, I just want the result of my sql request

Since mysql_* functions are deprecated wouln’t it be better to advise us to switch to mysqli or PDO in the documentation ?
I used this one : wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/fr … sededonnee
And so update it with the same exemple but in a pdo way ?

I fixed it using Pdo way here: prnt.sc/ilsr79
But can’t use anymore the case way that I would love to be able to. Please update the documentation <3

Im back using the mysql way even if it’s deprecated, and to store only the result, I use the “Get a portion of a text” way aka “SubStr” way, and start the position of the portion at the start of my result to avoid the alert part. No the “best” way but it work