Update my game in play store

Hello there!
My android game will be finished soon. I found some tuto to get my apk, integrate admob and publish it in the play store…but i don’t find any infos to know how i will update my game in the play store… Any ideas? :question:

PS: sorry for my awfull english :blush:

You just have to increase the project version (in the project settings), recompile and re-upload to the Play Store :slight_smile:

Thanks for you answer
But i would like to know more about the update to make sure my players will not lose their savegame… The goal in my game is to collect characters so it doesn’t make sense if they start from scratch at each update :wink:

Well, you can make a test yourself, install your app, do some progress, update the version and check, I think it would be the fastest way. AFAIK the progress is saved in a hidden browser storage, outside the app folder, so the progress should be saved through versions, again AFAIK :slight_smile:

Ok thanks. Gonna try that

Did it work? I’m curious because I had the same doubt.