Update: Support for text objects, objects renaming and more!

I’ve just updated GDevApp, with now support for text objects :smiley:
Objects can be now be renamed, and other parts of the app have been tweaked (for example, events can be selected using checkbox next to them).

It’s another step toward the goal of getting a full featured and easy to use online game creation application: let me know what you think the next features should be :slight_smile:

I think a major lack is the impossibility of move specific condition/actions, since their execution order is as important as the order of events :slight_smile:

The app is becoming great, keep it up! :smiley:

So, I’ll try to implement that :slight_smile: At least the possibility to select actions and conditions thanks to a small checkbox (just like events now) and then delete or move them with the toolbar on the right. (With two up/down buttons that will also be used to move events :slight_smile: ).
Drag’n’drop would be cool but it is a bit more complicated for instructions.

Very useful features, thanks :slight_smile:
The next feature? :smiling_imp:
Well, at the moment I really would like to have physics but I know you already working on this. My second suggestion would be to have a little “x” next each object in the object list, so we can delete them if we don’t need them. Just find it a bit slow to open object properties each time to delete. Also would be great to be able to make a copy of an object similar way. Actually, could you add such functions to right mouse button? We could click on the objects with right mouse button and select copy or delete. It would also feel more like a native app. I know you also want the app to be usable on touch screen devices, but can be a nice little extra for desktop and laptop users. Actually on touch screen devices you could check if the user touch the object for couple of seconds and show a selection menu to choose what to do with the object if it not released. Desktop : right mouse button, touch devices : long touch.
Also would be great to be able to change values of events such as object name, angle, modification sign…etc by clicking on them in the event so we can edit events quickly.

Thanks for your ideas :slight_smile:
Right click is a bit tedious indeed because it needs to be handled properly on touch devices (long touch is an idea, even if it is already used for drag’n’dropping objects on the scene for now!)
“Live edition” of parameters of events will surely be added, it shouldn’t be difficult. :slight_smile:

I think it not that difficult to check if the object is dragged from the list or only keep touch it in the list, is it?
For example you can check the position of the “touch”, if it changed since the touch started, then the object probably have been dragged or the other way, pop up the menu only if the position of the touch not changed since it started. But this whole right mouse button and long touch just an idea, not that important.

I have one more feature to suggest which is more important, “for each object event”. I’m really miss this event. For example, I just made a bullet shoot event that I have also shared (so you can check it), and the thing is if you have multiple object in the scene only one of them is shooting. Maybe I could work around by using object variables but a for each object event is a must have feature imo.

Sharing events I think it very cool, this is something that really make GDevApp unique and once we going to share more advanced events (which only matter of time) I think GDevApp really going to stands out from the crowd. Just one thing, maybe can be useful to let anyone to edit the events because if someone know a better way to do it, he can decide to share it which is cool, but after a while we can end up with tons of events for the same thing shared over and over again similar to projects. At the moment the shared project list is pretty useless because the same things are shared over and over again. This could easily happen to shared events too imo. The only problem with let anyone to edit any event is that if someone don’t really know what he’s doing and just screw it up. Not sure if it could work. The other option would be that, if someone share an event, that can be an alternative to an other event, and so when someone looking for an event only the first one is shown in the list to keep it tidy, and when click on insert, other alternatives would be shown as well to choose from or could have an “alternatives” button somewhere next to insert.
Or could work similar to github, people can submit changes to the user who original shared the event, and the user can decide if add those changes or not (but what if the user is not active any more?).
Also a report button can be useful to report an event if it useless, broken or been already shared previously. I think you should do something about it, because shared event easily can turn in to a useless bin if people start to share rubbish and the same things over and over again.

Finally I have a bug for you :smiling_imp:
In the scene editor, if I select an object and try to remove it, it doesn’t work I can’t remove the object from the scene. I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04.

EDIT:// just one more thing :smiley:
Until we can edit points inside GDevApp, how about that if the objects would be “centre handled” or can be an option to be so? So objects would be handled using the centre point and not the origin point. For example, when you shoot, the bullets are created a bit on the right side of an object and not in the centre because the bullet object is using it origin point in the upper left corner (I guess) and in some cases can look weird.

Could you retry? I’ve just tested and it seems to work (Firefox on 14.04 also). :slight_smile:

I guess it could be an option to choose if the origin is on the top left corner or at the center :slight_smile:

Yup, the events store is for now quite raw and made in an hurry, but it should also be more polished with feature like events rating or an easy way to update/comment on already created events :slight_smile:

Nope, it doesn’t work here. I have reinstalled Firefox from repo and also from the official website and also tried in a different distro (on live cd) but no luck. This is the latest version of Firefox 33.1. :confused:
It works in Chrome so it should be something with Firefox at least on my side.

Sounds good can’t wait to see it :slight_smile:

Could open Firefox developer console (Press F12), then delete an object and paste here the content of the console. :slight_smile:

Here we go:

"pre-main prep time: 206 ms" libGD.js:119 "Initializing GDJS platform" libGD.js:116 "* Loading builtin extensions... BuiltinObject, Sprite, BuiltinCommonInstructions, BuiltinCommonConversions, BuiltinVariables, BuiltinMouse, BuiltinKeyboard, BuiltinJoystick, BuiltinScene, BuiltinTime, BuiltinMathematicalTools, BuiltinCamera, BuiltinAudio, BuiltinFile, BuiltinNetwork, BuiltinWindow, BuiltinStringInstructions, BuiltinAdvanced, BuiltinExternalLayouts, done." libGD.js:116 "PlatformAutomatism, DestroyOutsideAutomatism, TiledSpriteObject, DraggableAutomatism, TopDownMovementAutomatism, TextObject, Platform initialization ended." libGD.js:116 "fade" "" "" contact.js:8 "fade" "/" "/" contact.js:8 "fade" "/home" "/home" contact.js:8 Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2759 "FB.init has already been called - this could indicate a problem" sdk.js:61 Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2759 "fade" "/sceneeditor" "/sceneeditor" contact.js:8 Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2759 Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated. Use defaultPrevented instead. gdevapp.com "1 tags failed to render in 30000 ms" sdk.js:61 Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2759 "fb:like failed to resize in 45s" sdk.js:61

No error related to GDevApp here, strange! What does the button do? Nothing, it closes the window but the object is not erased? Try to do Ctrl+F5 to refresh the app and make sure the browser reload the latest source files of the app :slight_smile:

By the way I’ve just implemented the syntax highlighting for parameters in the events editor just as in GDevelop :slight_smile:

Feature requests:

groups - so I can assign all my enemies to a group and just have the collision detection detect of an object of type “x” collided vs having to check for each enemy.

“Search an object” should be “Search for an object”.

The choose a new object to add dialog should have a close “x” in the upper right. As all dialogs should have.

Mousing over an instance of an object in the scene editor should have a tooltip with that object’s name

Scenes should have layers. Objects in layers should be “lockable” so when locked they are not selectable – see Construct 2.

Add an object should also allow elements from OpenGameArt.org



You should be able to create more than one scene. And have an action that switches the scene.

When you change the bgcolor of the scene to one that makes the arrows hard to see, the arrows should inver their color – meaning if there’s a dark background, make the arrows light, etc.

If I click on the name of the game in the upper left, I should be able to click to make the name into a textbox and be able to rename the game.

The cursor does not turn into a pointer under the game name, so it is very hard for a user to know that that area is clickable (the settings, share, export, etc menu)

If I host the game on gdevapp.com then I as a developer should be able to see a page that has stats on how many visits it got, how long played, etc.

double clicking the instance in a scene should do the same thing as clicking the object class on the right.

there should be a global undo / redo. For instance there’s no way to undo adding a shared action.

when editing conditions or actions, the cursor does not change into a pointer, so the user does not get any visual cue that those elements are clickable (to change them).

In general, anything clickable should show a cursor change…

version control: I should be able to stamp a particular instance of my game as “version x” and be able to release that specific version. I should also be able to revert back to any particular version . Currently if you do something wrong, you are not able to easily revert it.

all public games view. the “play” button should always be clickable and work. I mean come on the game is publically shared, right?

in the events viewer, I should be able to collapse an event (and it’s sub events) for better code readability

— that’s all for now :slight_smile:

Cool, looks much batter, easier to read :slight_smile:

The only thing happen, the selection turn red but the selected object is not erased. Even if I run preview or close the project and reopen it, press F5, anything doesn’t help, the object remain in the scene. Do you have the latest Firefox installed? I can’t see what else could cause the problem if it works for you :confused: Even if I run a completely different distro from live CD (running Firefox 33.1 as well) I have this problem. The only thing I can think of is that your browser is not up to date and that’s why it works. If it up to date, it just…Linux This is the reason why it so secure even the same system works differently on different machines :laughing:
Maybe I should switch back to Windows, Ubuntu just caused me too much (mysterious) trouble in the past 2 months including Firefox just become very slow recently and unreliable but not only on my Ubuntu installation also on Live CD’s of different distros and I can’t even play some of my favourite games because they running slow because of driver issues and some of them “mysteriously” can’t find some packages which is of course installed, the only problem can be it is not 32bit. LOL now I don’t have to dual boot Windows and Linux instead Linux 32bit and 64bit :laughing:
Linux becoming more popular and supported and this is the time I start to loose my confidence in it I’m not sure any more if it worth to develop anything for this crap. :frowning: Just never works smooth, something (important) always broken or missing. :angry:

Yes, that’s planned (it already exists in GDevelop).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, not a big deal I think because a click outside can close the dialog, but I agree that it should be consistent across dialog.

Not sure about it, don’t you think it could be disturbing?

Planned also for the future (Also already present in GDevelop of course).

That’s more difficult to implement, because I think that OpenGameArt do not offer an API to browse and access to the different resources they have.

Also in GDevelop, but not yet ported.

The action exists in fact, but for now there is only one scene for simplicity sake (and development speed of the first versions, I didn’t simply had the time to add a dialog to manage scenes).

Good idea.

Game name can be modified in the settings, I guess it is good enough for now :slight_smile:

That’s more problematic, I’ll add it.

Sounds nice.

I don’t know, it could be reserved for a dialog to change the instance properties (X, Y, angles, instance variables…) but I could add a link to the object editor :slight_smile:

It makes sense indeed.

For now I let the user do any version control by himself (using the feature to export/import back the project file).

Some games are made public by their others but they were not exported so you can’t play to it. But I agree it should be better to have only exported games (and so have a Play button that can be clicked).

Would be cool also (and it is already in GDevelop of course :slight_smile:)

Aaaah, you mean in the scene editor, not in the list of objects! Because you can remove an object in the list by opening its editor and clicking on Delete the object. :slight_smile:
So Yes I can confirm that there is a regression and the delete button in the toolbar do not work, I’ll fix it this evening. :slight_smile:
Conclusion: do not loose you confidence in Ubuntu just because we misunderstood each other :laughing:

LOL I was saying “in the scene editor” and “from the scene” :laughing:
I have mentioned the object list when I suggested the right mouse button to delete object from the list.
But if you can fix it this evening that would be great, thanks :smiley:

I was so obsessed by the object list because I recently worked on it that I didn’t even think that the problem could be in the scene editor :laughing:
So yeah, I’ll fix it as soon as possible because it is quite hard to work properly without it :slight_smile:

triptych, thanks again for your feedback, I’ll surely be able to add some basics things like fixing typo quite soon, for the other things most are planned but I have to prioritize what I do :slight_smile:

Yeah I thought something like that happened :slight_smile:
By the way just found an other bug. This time in the Event Store . I have just updated (deleted and shared again an updated version of) the Car / Ship control event and in the Event Store it appears multiple times for some reason. First time I thought maybe other users has shared the event too or something, but this time I just did put a v1.4 in to it name (as I have updated few times already and I think it also makes sense to use version number for events in case it updated) and in the Event Store immediately has changed the name for all of them, so probably the rest is not shared by other users but the store put my event on the list multiple times maybe as many times as I have updated = deleted and shared again. Sometime it shown in the store only once, but most of the times it shown 3-4-5-6-7 times in the store for some reason.

Thanks! I’m new to the scene here so I’m hoping to get my first impressions down. Glad to hear that most of this is planned. Is there a roadmap somewhere that we can see - it might help prevent duplicate requests for features, etc.

I think I found an unlisted bug… The “Trigger once” condition is not auto-positioned at the of the list, of course breaking the event :slight_smile:

Just found one more thing in the Event Store again. I know the Event Store is not complete but I just want to mentione it anyway. When two expression has the same value, for example two variables, when I want to share the event, the Event Store doesn’t separate the different expressions with same value. It show only one expression. For example I have two variables with the value of 1, in the Event store when I share it, it shows only one expression as “Expression [1]”.
But even if it would show both expression as “Expression [1] Expression [1]”. I could not know which one is belongs to which actions/variable. So, In my opinion would be better to show the actual action instead of Type of the value , at least when we share it. When we insert an event I think it fine to show only the type of the value as the person who share it can write a little description what the value is for, but when we share it, to see the actual action where the value is belongs to would be useful in some cases especially when we have many values :slight_smile: