Updating AdMob within Gdevelop

The most recent version of AdMob does not use UIWebView, but the AdMob version used in Gdevelop does. Is there a way to update it? This is for IOS. Thanks for the help!

I’ll move your topic to “feature requests”.
If you can explain why it’s important for you, maybe you’ll convince the devs to take care of it. :wink:

Hi, thanks for doing that.

I’d like it to be updated so that I can monetize my mobile game, Dream A Little Dream, which is currently on the Android and IOS platforms.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out!

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Hi @Zuber,
Thanks for the links, but what’s wrong with “UIWebView”?

UIWebView is the webview cordova used on IOS until it got deprecated a few months ago. Since then it is impossible to run code with UIWebView on IOS.

This is actually more complicated than it seems. We use cordova, that means we need plugins (wrapper for the native code to be used from JS) to use it. The problem is the current plugin is not updated, so we would need to switch plugins, and there are a lot. It will be hard to check them all out, and find the “best”/“adapted for most cases” one.

Then there is also the compatibility problem. The current actions should still be working in the future. Using a whole new plugin might make some things break.