Upload 3D stuff

:neutral_face:How do you upload 3D models to your game? Is it even possible to upload 3D models?

I don’t know figure it out yourself dude

It is not possible, no. GDevelop 5 does not support 3D natively currently, and Pandako’s 3D extension is focused more at using 2D sprites to make 3D spaces.

You can check the video on the official GDevelop channel for an explanation on how Pandako’s extension is set up.

oh but if you play Gdev games there is game like minecraft and there is a 3D player

That is a user who has spent a ton of time manually overlaying an entire different renderer ontop of the engine (Three.js).

This is not publcly available nor something that is part of the engine normally.

oh that is so sad i am deprest
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