Upload an image from local drive

I’m developing a webapp…
it is possible after a particular event (for example clicking on a button) upload an image from local drive into the game?

it’s unfortunately not possible as webapps can’t have access to the local filesystem of the user (for security reasons).

Hi Victor, thanks a lot for your quick answer.

So if I undestand well all the games in HTML5(web) are not able to access to local drive (also in read-only)?
in any case, is possible to upload images/photos adding external code like JavaScript?
if so do know how?

No, JS have the same limits (forced by the webbrowsers). The only way to upload a file is to have a file upload form (in a HTML form), but it’s not related to the game.

and do you know how to do that?

Hi Victor, sorry if I’m stressing you, but I really need your help.

Do you have an example to show how to upload image using HTML embedded into the game?

Do you know also if is possible to upload an image using Native(Windows) game?