Upload Generated ZIP for google play console

hello guys merry Christmas , i wish you start a good year and all of your dreams come true

i noticed google play console had some update and some option are changed
By this instruction we have to upload 2 file in this section

upload private key and upload your upload key certificate
but this section are changed in new google play console update

where should i get “generated zip”? because if we want to make it manually we have to get keystore file . or you dear friends make it for us?

As the instructions mention in step 2, you generate the generated zip. It’s even in the java command they give you.

It is required that you get your own keystore file. There is a generic one for GDevelop, but generally you would want to obtain your own.

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so what should i do now? please give me an instruction

You will need to seek guidance from google play, as it is specific to that system, not gdevelop.

They have some instructions on the android developer site. Sign your app  |  Android Developers

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Sorry, but no.

GDevelop will not create signing keys for you, and it cannot. As it cannot bundled android studio nor the pkm tool as they are not licensed for that type of redistribution. They cannot be integrated with the online server for generation either, as they have to be generated by you and in most cases from your systen.

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finally google fixed errors and i successfully update my game
thank you dear @Silver-Streak