Upload html5 games on various websites

Where are html5 games uploaded? Is there any reliable website that can be used to upload my games. I have tried some . But small websites can’t pay expenses. They payment is low . What are some suggestions that people over here are using to run their html5 games?

I have successfully used https://itch.io and https://gamejolt.com/

Both are free, and even give you an option to sell your game on the marketplace.

Personally I prefer itch; I prefer their UI, and creating a project page feels more streamlined.

Nothing at all wrong with gamejolt though, just my personal preference.

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I have read this too .
Do these sites have ad revenue model ? That pays high . Also , selling games who buys ? Can one earn enough to pay a monthly bill from this ?
I personally thought that games that are 2 good can only be sold at these places . Games having 50 levels , fascinating ui .

I haven’t explored the revenue options. Until I get better I’m keeping all my projects free. I don’t know much about marketting. People are unpredictable… it’s hard to predict what anyone wants to buy or how much they will pay.

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I uploaded earlier on itch its 6 months, 27 views and 15 plays are there .

as i can see, you are concerned about revenue, well if thats the case then u shouldnt pursue game dev as a career. even the highest earning devs earn relatively less as compared to software engrs etc. although there are some exceptions ofc. you might have a chance to make it big but until then you will have to grind like all the others and make great games. u dont just upload a game to a magic website and make millions overnight. now im not saying this to discorage you or anything but i just want you to know that just put it out there and maybe people will play it. also try working with a publisher.
good luck :slight_smile: