Uploading to server

This feels like a stupid question even before asking it.

I build websites (html, php). Can I upload the little apps I’m building to my server without causing a collapse of all my websites?
At the moment all I want to do is show my friends how far I’ve gotten, I don’t actually want them to download anything to their phones. I only want them to see what I see when I click preview within the program.

Well, you can upload the finished product to the server (use export), and it shouldn’t crash your website, only if you have too little bandwith, of course. But in any possible scenario, your friends will have to download the content (even just to preview it).

You could make your own computer to act as a server by opening the correct port (port forwarding) used by the preview, and then they could see your previews by typing your external IP address, plus that port. But this also exposes your computer to some outside risk, and etc. so it’s probably easiest to just upload to your server. Also maybe itch.io will offer you some nice upload options on their server (haven’t used it before, but others here have used it to show their games).

Even HTML5 games require a fair amount of bandwidth, in case your website and server is not designed for hosting games it is very likely to cause some troubles . If you want a personal website to share information about your creations that’s fine, but to setup a website to host the games on your website is a different story and might be too ambitions (and expensive) when there are free alternatives out there.

For hobbyist and indies in my opinion itch.io the best. It is completely free, takes literally seconds to publish your creation and share it. If you don’t want it to be public you can even keep it private and share a private link with your friends:

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Thanks guys.
I have a virtual private server and host about 10 websites - loads of bandwidth.
This is my first experience with games/apps and didn’t want to do anything stupid.

I’ll check out itch.io, thanks. Right how I just want to upload the files and say See What I Did! That’s about it.