Uploading web game to my server.

Hello all, I’m sorry that I may be asking a redundant question. Please link me to the answer if it is available. I want to upload my web game to my server(linux based). I want people to play it in their browsers. What are the procedures to do that? It’s a wordpress site by the way.


Do you have acess to the FTP ? If yes, just put the game folder on /www/ root.

Then, for example, if your domain is www.mysite.com and your game folder named mygame, then the game can be played at url : mysite.com/mygame/

Take care if you re using some caching option with wordpress plugins, this can mess the game.

When I did that, all I can see is the background. No characters etc.

When I open it using my browser, its the same…

Hey sorry all. Its working!.