(URGENT) Linux test game.appimage only crash when opened through steam

So I just made a test project and upload it to steam and when I try to open it through steam it opens with white screen then crashes. But if I opened the .appimage file manually from the folder steam has downloaded to, it works just fine.

Why is that?
everything is correct within steamworks (I checked 200 times already), it just crashes with a white screen when it starts through steam…

I found some links with people who are having the same exact issue…
I have no idea what is causing this…


In case of Krita it sounds like the problem was caused by an environment variable that caused Krita to use system libraries instead of the one was included in the AppImage and the ones included in the system were not compatible.

Their solution was is to create a launch script that clear the environment variable before launching Krita.

However it may or may not be the case with your project.

So what I recommend to do is to create a launch script that dump some logs in to a text file so you can see exactly what is happening when you Launch Miko through Steam.

  1. Create a text file called Launcher.txt next to the AppImage.
  2. Write the following in to the text file

./Miko.AppImage > logs.txt

It is case sensitive, make sure the launcher name is correct

  1. Save the file and rename it to Launcher.sh
  2. Right click the file, go to properties and under permissions, tick the box to allow to execute the file as a program
  3. Upload to Steam and launch Launcher.sh through Steam.

When you run this, it should open a terminal, attempt to launch Miko and log everything that is happening in to logs.txt.
After Miko is crashed, go and check logs.txt.

I am not a Linux expert by any means, so I may not be able to assist you any further but the error messages in logs.txt can be a starting point to figure out what the problem is exactly.

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@ddabrahim I’m not using Krita, I’m using Ubuntu latest version…
I have been trying for 12 hours now with nothing…

I mean you linked Krita on Steam had similar problems and after reading the discussion this is what the developers told on Steam that an environment variable caused the problem with Krita. But not sure if this is the case with Miko as well.

If you can create the Launcher script I told you, it should be able to log what is happening, why is Miko crashing. Then you can post any error from the log here, maybe someone going to know.

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Alright, I’ll give it a try now and see if I can do it… Linux is so complicated…

@ddabrahim I just tested but I don’t know how to do it honestly, I did the text and renamed it to .sh and uploaded to steam and changed the launch and everything and when it’s launching through steam nothing happens…

Is there another way to run this .appimage file? like what if I extracted the contents of it … is there a way to open it this way? or does it have to be compressed?

The thing is I’ve seen another game with the same issue, and some people did open it just fine and others didn’t … it’s a mess really. like the developer himself don’t know what is going on
And I’m seeing others with the same issue…

I mean if I release the game on linux like that, it’s risky to be honest, I mean yeah I can tell anyone having an issue to run the game manually through the .appimage file but that’s not a solution at all…
I have no idea if I should be releasing on Linux or not to be honest…
Don’t feel right to release it on linux when I have an issue like that…

Did you give the script permission to run in the properties?
Did you get a logs.txt at least in Miko folder?

Maybe try this then:

chmod +x ./Miko.AppImage > logs.txt

I don’t know about that, the whole point of AppImage to be able to run the game on any Linux distribution. There is so many different Linux distroes, there always be 1 where the game crash and does not run. Ubuntu in general considered the most popular, but there are many others like Arch, Zorin, PopOS, Mint of which many is Ubuntu based but they might still comes with different configurations and packages. AppImage supposed to fix this so you can run it anywhere.

Did you try to run the Windows version through Proton? If it works then you don’t need to deal with the Linux version. Only the Windows and Mac.
An other option maybe to include the Linux version only in the beta channel maybe? Then you can get feedback from Linux users and continue working on the fix at least.

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