URL image loader

How do I…

I want to load or replace a sprite texture from a URL

What is the expected result

I tried this example:

…and this is the result (nothing modified):

Also tried the LoadImageFromURL extension:

  1. this image uploaded: https://ibb.co/qRkjSYJ
  2. this is the event int he project (just a image):

Result: The image disappear and nothing else happens…

Any clue? Thanks!!!

PD: I couldnt add more images or links, bcs this is my very early post :frowning:

You must enter the filepath of the Picture. Kind of like "FileSystem::PicturesPath()+FileSystem::PathDelimiter()+“FileName” “PathDelimiter” is basically adding an \ to the filepath, it wont work otherwise. “PicturesPath” returns the filepath for the picture folder. “FileName” is just the name of the picture file you want to use.