URL input for resources in web editor

I’m preparing to teach a GDevelop class, and have started a set of opensource tutorials (GDevelop Basics).

The class I’m teaching will only have iPads, no PCs, and that limits them to only the web editor. The iPads is the school’s policy, not mine, and I can’t change it. Furthermore, it seems that an increasing number of schools are switching from PC to a tablets only environment.

The biggest problem I’m facing now, is that there are no easy ways for the students to use their own custom graphics in the web editor. The best I can do now, is to pick a random built-in image, change the URL in the resources panel, and then reload the project, but that’s a terribly hacky way.

I understand that allowing graphics upload in the web editor won’t be easy to implement, but it should be rather easy to allow the entry of a resource URL. That will allow a student to upload their images to a hosting site that allows cross-origin requests (eg. github, imgur), and enter the URL into the GDevelop web editor.


Anyone willing to take this up? I’ll post a bounty for it if that helps. Figure it’s worth $50 to me.

I’m conducting a workshop in the first week of Nov, and I hope to be able to use this feature then. Kids feel a lot more pride and ownership over their own project when they can use their own graphics.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a large desire to change functionality on the web editor as it is still viewed as a demo, not meant to be a full development environment.

I’m not sure a bounty would change that viewpoint from the main devs at this point, but some of the contributors may be able to provide a different viewpoint.

It’s a bit late, but it was added for next version (5.0.122) :partying_face:

Well, it’s a little late for me; my workshop ended last week (…the students loved GDevelop!). Not sure when I’ll do another GDevelop program that requires the web editor, but I’m sure it’ll be useful to someone.

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