Use Extension to Create a New Object Type

How do I…

I am creating an extension to add an HTML select dropdown to my game scene. The dropdown can be added with CreateSelect function written in the extension and added to scene events.

How do I get my custom select object to also show up in the select object when adding new objects to the stage?

What is the expected result

I expect to be able to click + add new object in the scene and HTML select shows up under the New object from scratch tab.

What is the actual result

My HTML Select extension is not in the list, but I haven’t added any code to put it there.

As far as I know (and someone will correct me if I am wrong) but all the “Object” types are coming from the engine, and can’t be added to. the Extensions simply are for Conditions, Events, Actions, or a math formula. Your “creatselect” will show up in the actions menu to be applied as an action, but as I said, I don’t believe there is anyway to add it to Objects. Maybe that would be something to add to the Suggestions for future updates? :slight_smile: