Use multiplayer for more than 2 players

For the last few weeks I’ve been working hard to develop my multiplayer game. I can’t make it accessible for more than two people. I want the action of one player to impact the scene of the other players.

If you use p2p you can try something like this:

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Honestly, congratulations! You managed to unlock me in two lines two codes.

You have just saved my week :smiley: <3

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Hello, it’s me again

Do you know how to display the names of different players on a single stage? Knowing that the game is always multi-player.

I have trouble with these multiplayer events

Thanks again for yesterday

Personally, I use an object variable to keep track of which objects belongs to which instance of the game. If you do something similar, you can map via a structure IDs to names, and with a text object linked to the player o next display the correct name.

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Thank you for your prompt response,

I don’t see exactly what you want me to do…

I’m sending you the pictures of my different scenes so that you can understand what I did.