Use of widget extensions

I haven’t tested the extensions, so I wanted to take a look at them, but I don’t see how I can install them. In the documentation I found (gdextensions.levasseursoftware.n … nt&lang=en).

Just extract the zip files into GD directory, launch GD and it should be ok. :slight_smile:

Oh, should have thought of that :slight_smile:

The use of the extensions looks promising, although I wish they were translated to English :slight_smile:

Yeah, Humm. It’s all French! I’m working blind here!

What’s involved to translate this extension? I was thinking if there’s a file with all the French in it, then I could feed it to Google translate and create an English version. Then where would I put that file?

Any help would be appreciated. I want to start making heavy use of it soon.

The extension is supposed to be translated, maybe I don’t place the translation file in the right folder.

Thanks for getting back Victor.

So I snooped around and noticed your and .po files do contain both English and French.
So after some head scratching I went into Options inside GD and noticed that the language was blank !!
Yikes! That was weird! I just installed GD a couple days ago and I know I had it on English.
Anyway, I put it back on English, and Widgets is now in English. …Umm… Forgive my saying, but some of the translation is awkward. If you had a more human friendly version of those .mo & .po files, I’d like to pick away at translating a bit better as I figure things out. …Just an offer…

Thanks, again!

Surely a bug in Game Develop, I will fix it. :slight_smile:

The .po file can be edited using PoEdit ( ) which is very easy to use : Just open the .po file, translate the strings, and then save the file so as to let the .mo be generated.

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That’s the good news I was hoping for.
Keep up the good work!