Use Point and Orbit?

Results in Map moving left 60 pixels and nothing else.

Can you explain what you are doing, and what you expect? And include whatever extension you are using. More information is needed to understand what question you want answered.

I am not 100% sure
But i guess it is for rotating map kinda like radar type map you would see in 3D GTA games
Which rotates depending on player orientation

The extension is called Point and Orbit. Normally it orbits an object around another object while keeping it pointing at a certain position. In this case i want it pointing to the orbited object.

Yes; still working on my minimap issue. I had high hopes for this extension but it doesn’t do anything.

That sounds like it’s for something like the moon orbiting the earth. Not sure how that can work for a minimap that’s stationary on the screen.

So what isn’t working on it? Are you expecting it to scroll in the minimap but it’s not? Are you expecting it to rotate in the minimap, but it’s not? Please explain what the issue is, what you are experiencing and how you want it to work (those, btw, are 3 questions).

I don’t think there is an answer i think the extension is just trash, I’ve deleted it…moving on.

Thanks for trying.