Use pre-selected object in extension?

It looks like the process to use an action from an extension is to search for it prior to selecting an object in the action.

e.g. prior to selecting my object, when I search for “align”, this extension action shows up.


but if I select an object first then they aren’t found


It seems this is a limitation in the extensions - can someone confirm ? Or is there a different approach to get extensions to use the selected object ? I just started learning gdevelop a couple days ago

Doing a blanket search without an object selected will show all applicable actions that match. Selecting an object first will filter all results to only show actions that are applicable to the object.

It’s very likely the extension doesn’t work with Text objects, which is what you have selected in your second screenshot.

Thanks for responding, but the extension does in fact work for text objects. I tested it, but also looking at the extension itself, the parameter is defined as “Any object”

To clarify, I’m wondering whether there is a way to get extensions to work with the pre-selected object. The extension works fine when I select the object as the parameter.

The reason I’m wondering this is it took me a while to find the action defined by the extension - as I expected it to work like the other built-in actions. It would be nice for extension actions to work using the same flow

Normally extension actions will show up in that view for applicable objects. Unclear as to why it didn’t if it supports the object type.