User Friendliness of Comment Creation

Weird title, but let me explain. I have 2 main issues with comment creation:

  1. When you create a comment via a shortcut (for me shift + c), it automatically selects it, but it ALSO keeps selecting the item beneath it. Sometimes I create comments and try to remove them, but it deletes the other item (ex. event) because of that selection.

  2. When adding a comment, it automatically selects it, but its not focused, so I end up creating comments and typing out what I want in the comment just to see <Enter Comment>

I am tagging this as a feature request as Iā€™m pretty sure these changes were intentional from a patch not too long ago which allows for the selection of comments post creation. I would prefer if they just removed the automatic selection and made it more like events, where it is not selected after creation. I would also prefer to double click to access the comment, which I know was the main reason for the change. However, if they just fixed the errors I mentioned above that would great too: the deselection of the item beneath and the focusing of the comment text field.

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