User Interface Objects

Just to be clear, I don’t know if this topic has been discussed yet. I did search for “User Interface” but didn’t find anything similar

It would be a massive help if User Interface Objects were added to GDevelop. Having to create Sprites for buttons backgrounds and text objects for each button or UI object is very tedious. I know there are some ways around having to create a text object for every UI object, but again, it’s very tedious.

Being able to create a UI object and then style it accordingly would help a lot.

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We are currently working on a solution to simplify the use of this type of composite object :slight_smile:


Well I’m on this too at least for buttons but my extension kinda suc@ks you can grab the code from github and modify if you want.

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I’m sorry, but what is a User Interface Objects? Is it to reuse animations on different objects? :eyes:

This isn’t bad, actually. Looks very promising and a great starting point. I’ll check this out and might start using it from now on. Amazing work.

Ps. Nice background music, btw.

Glad to hear that this is being looked at, as this alone might boost workflow within GDevelop, a lot.

Hopefully this is implemented as a object that includes text and background color, text color, borders, border radius and background images.

Would love to see things like progress bars as well.

Either way, GDevelop has come a long way since I first started using it. Keep up the great work.